• Open Mind Open Heart, Thomas Keating, Continuum, New York, 1995. Provides an overview of the history of contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition and is an excellent introduction to contemplative and centering prayer.
  • Invitation to Love, Thomas Keating, Continuum, New York, 1996. Identifies and describes stages of the spiritual journey and contemplative life.
  • Intimacy With God, Thomas Keating, Crossroad Publishing Co., 1997. A more in depth discussion of centering prayer, the psychology of CP, and Lectio Divina
  • The Mystery of Christ, Thomas Keating, Continuum, New York, 1996 Describes the contemplative dimension of liturgical life.
    Centering Prayer in Daily Life and Ministry, Editor Gustave Reininger Continuum, New York, 1998. Ecumenical contributors explore the benefits and effects of centering prayer in daily life and ministry.
  • The Diversity of Centering Prayer, Editor, Gustave Reininger, Continuum, New York, 1999.
    Centering Prayer & Inner Awakening, Cynthia Bourgeault. A complete guidebook for those who wish to learn the practice of centering prayer. Forward by Thomas Keating.
  • The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living, Stephanie Lachetta, Continuum Publishing,2003. Daily meditations which include a prayer sentence from Scripture, an excerpt from the works of Thomas Keating, other spiritual writings and a closing from a longer citation from Scripture.